A love so bright it blinds you

Love conquers all.
Love is everything worth living for rolled into one.
Love doesn't discriminate.
Love is everyone gay, bi, threesomes, straight relationships. Love holds the world in it's hand.
Love crys when people hate others because of love.
Love... is perfect.
Love is blind.
Love... is everything worth living for.

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And dark prince
Set his handsome eyes on me
And through the crowd could see
Another lonely heart beating
Permalink Dramione | love isn’t supposed to hurt, it’s not supposed to rip your heart into shreds, but even if does that make it any less real?
Permalink Dramione | I know I said that I don’t need your protection, but just this once treat me like I’m fragile, treat me like I need your help. Protect me please. 
Permalink Dramione | nothing can seperate us, not even the fates themselves. Let the hands of time move us forward and backwards. No matter where you are I will find you, I will never let you go. Souls linked through space & time. Try to divide us, I dare you.  
Permalink Drarry | pull me closer, don’t you ever let me go. kiss me softly, let’s hide away from everyone and everything we know. you’re the only thing that makes sense in this crazy mixed up world. 
Permalink Dramione | he corrupted her made her like him and sullied her mind; but a little of her innocence was embedded in his mind
Permalink Dramione | we’ve made it this far, so if we can just make until the morning, everything will be all right
Permalink Dramione | what she didn’t tell them, was she wasn’t thinking about how to get back at him or anything like that. No, she was thinking about how beautiful his hair looked in the sunlight, and how when he looked at her his eyes seemed to soften.